Have you ever wondered if it was possible to make money from your Sports Passion?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Welcome to Sportamatic Sports Club!

We coach ordinary people , just like you from zero , to Sports Hero! By guiding you through all the seemingly endless obstacles , like hosting , servers , control panels , wordpress and creating products , that block your way to Sports Club success! Check out our Mission here : Mission

Have you been trying to launch a sports career and failed?

Does joining the corporate ladder for the rest of your life feel you with dread?

Is fear holding you back from the lifestyle of your dreams?

Are you working all the hours , and still not living your dream?

Do you want to live a more healthy lifestyle?

Have you found the right mentor to guide you on your sports club journey?

Do you know what to do to change your lifestyle to live a sporty life?

Are you an avid Sports Fan that wishes they could play more Sports?

Are you in a dead end job or career that just doesn’t satisfy the Sports Person in you?

Would you like to play more sports but you are exhausted after your daily routine or jobs?

Do you want to coach the next generation of Sports Star , but the pay is below the survival threshold?

Does your job or career keep you from playing Sports ?

Would you want to learn how to earn income from your love of sports?

Would this free up the time in your daily schedule to play or coach sports?

If you answered “Yes!” to these questions then you will want to check out our Free Membership , the first rung on your Online Sports Club adventure! In the Free Membership we will be giving tips and ideas for people wanting to start their own online Sports Club!

When you work with us  in the Mastermind group ::

You have the belief and guidance to persue the Sports career that is within you.

You will step inside our membership and see that we have the training , coaching and mentorship that you need to bring out the professional sports person that other people can believe in.

You will do the work , so that you feel confident that you can go forward with your sports club business and move past the fear that has been holding you back from starting.

You can build your online Sports Club so that you have the control over your working week , so that you can build in playing more sports.

You can start living the healthy life that you believe in You will have tried other coaches or mentors , but I will break this down for you so that it becomes really simple and intuitive to your dream lifestyle.

You will have built your business correctly so that you have an income or multiple incomes that allows you to play or coach more sports.

You will be building your own business in the direction that you believe in.

You will feel more energised as you will be living your truth or passion in life.

You will be able to persue your dream to pay something back into society by coaching the next generation of sports star.

You will have the information you need , so that you have more control over your income and ultimately your lifestyle.

You could choose to work on your business during the week , so that you are free to follow your sports passion at the weekend.

 You will not have to clock in to a job at a certain time to earn your wage , you will have the freedom to work around your family or commitments.

You will have the satisfaction of earning money from a business that you love.

You will be able to persue your career in sports , whilst earning enough to buy your first home , or to save for your retirement.

You will be able to build a community of like minded sports professionals and fans that makes you feel more connected.

You will be confident of success in following your dream in a lifestyle you believe in.

You will have worked through some new ways of thinking , so that you develop the right mindset to start building a business that trades your skills and knowledge for money

We would like to introduce the topics you will master as you start making an income on the internet from your passion for Sports! Here is a list of the topics we guide you through in the Mastermind:

  1. You will master – setting up a sports blog for a particular sport / team / college / international / womens team
  2. You will master – setting up a newsletter business for a monthly fee
  3. You will master – How to create and sell a board game for that particular team / sport
  4. You will master – How to create an online game for that particular team / sport
  5. You will master – how to set up a radio / podcast site for your team / sport
  6. You will master – how to set up a tv / roku site for your team / sport
  7. You will master – how to set up a sports coaching business
  8. You will master – how to set up a t- shirt site
  9. You will master – how to set up a Sport Game Site
  10. You will master – how to set up a Sport Quiz site
  11. You will master – How to blog for profit
  12. You will master – how to set up your membership element
  13. You will master – how to use Social Media
  14. You will master – how to create passive income
  15. You will master – how to create webinars
  16. You will master – how to amazon author
  17. You will master – how to create your signature system/ course
  18. You will master – Forum marketing
  19. You will master – Weekly Newsletter Planner
  20. You will master – Goal Setting Strategies
  21. You will master – Plan Your Best Year Ever
  22. You will master – Weekly Social Media Planner
  23. You will master – How to get 60% more done a day
  24. You will master – Create your 6-7 figure behind the scenes business process
  25. You will master -Sales Funnel Planner

The Mastermind Program includes some other unadvertised bonuses additional training , and 1-1 access to me , so that you can have a system in place to get your Online Sports Club up and running in the shortest time possible.

If you are ready join our Mastermind
:  http://sportamatic.co.uk/register/ 

Check out what’s included here: http://sportamatic.co.uk/?page_id=1116

If you wish to start on a smaller scale that is possible as a Sport Star Member, by joining our Coaching Membership or by taking up the Director Program which has less access to me!

When you join our programs and follow along with the homework , as a Sports Star Member , in our Coaching Programs  and eventually the Mastermind Program , you will find all the different components you need to get your Online Sports Club up and running and bringing in the income your passion and efforts deserve!

You could be interested in any  of the 140 sports we cover here at www.sportamatic.co.uk  but here are some of the most popular with some ideas:

Football / Soccer : Start a Football or Soccer Club , coaching people on Football tricks,tips and drills

Rugby Union : Start a Rugby Club , coaching people on how to become a paid Rugby Union player

Rugby League : Start a Rugby League Club , coaching people on how to get into Rugby League

Cricket: Start a Cricket Club , coaching people on how to become a professional Cricket player.

Baseball : Start a Baseball Club , coaching people on how to play Baseball Professionally

Basketball : Start a Basketball Club , coaching people on how to play Basketball professionally

Netball : Start a Netball Club , coaching people on how to play better Netball

Hockey : Start a Hockey Club , coaching people on how to play Hockey to Olympic Standard

Football (US) : Start a Football Club , coaching people on how to play professional Football

Ice Hockey : Start an Ice Hockey Club , coaching people on how to get into Ice Hockey

What I am proposing is that you could set up your own Sports club in any Sport niche that you choose, and when you join Sportamatic Sports Club , we can guide you through some of the ways that people are making money from their passions in the online world!

Imagine what your life could look like , if you had your own Online Sports Club , creating income for you , so that you could get more involved in the Sports or Teams that you love!

Some of the benefits from having your own online Sports Club are :

  1. Free up time from your daily job , commute , so that you can enjoy the Sport or Sports that you love!
  2. Your income could increase , (depending on your efforts)
  3. Your health and fitness could be improved by playing more sports !
  4. You can free up more family time ; Imagine spending time with the people that matter to you in your life!
  5. You could give more of your time to coach the next generation in the Sport that you love!
  6. Your energy , mental health and well-being will increase , as you are following your calling or your hearts desire!
  7. The knock on benefits from doing what you love , include better relationships and potentially an increase in your life span!
  8. You will avoid burnout in a career or job that you hate getting up for every day.
  9. We will take you step by step through the pitfalls , so that you feel more confident in your abilities and personal attributes to guide people yourself.

By the way these ideas will also work in other popular sports and the demand is HUGE! For example there are BIG followings in these sports :

Athletics : Start an Athletics Club , coaching people on how to become an Olympic Standard Athlete!

Darts : Start a Darts Club , promoting a local darts league

Snooker : Start a Snooker Club , coaching people on how to become a professional Snooker player!

Pool : Start a Pool Club , teaching people how to play better pool

Swimming : Start a Swimming Club , teaching and coaching people how to Swim to Olympic Standard

Cycling : Start a Cycling Club , teaching people how to become a professional cyclist

Formula 1 : Start a Formula 1 Club . teaching people where and how they can get into Formula 1

Golf : Start a Golf Club , teaching people how to play better Golf

Many of these sports have sub niches , so you don’t have to stop at just one sport, you could set up several sports clubs and create many income streams.

When you join Sportamatic Sports Club , we will show you many ways to monetize your passion and start making a living from creating content about a Sport you  , and many others love!

Sportamatic Sports Club will lead you through the whole process of setting up an Online Sports Club that you can be proud of and that can really change your life and potentially the lives of others through the power of Sports!

When your Online Sports Club is up and running , you will have the time to follow your passion for Sport more freely and you may want to set up further clubs , once you have seen just how simple our training and coaching is at Sportamatic!

So don’t delay join Sportamatic Sports Club today!

We have a great offer for people looking to start setting up their own Online Sports Club with Freemiums!

Freemiums are reports , infographics , ebooks and other giveaway items you could give to your new clients or subscribers as a thank you for trying out your newsletter , email list or membership! When you join our free membership , you get instant access to the year long course on Freemiums!

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Whatever you do …Enjoy Sports!